About GURU

Energy is the ability to do work. It exists around us in various forms and it cannot be destroyed, but only channelised. Guru channelises the energy of passionate advertising and marketing mavericks to create integrated 3600 solutions. Solutions that reflect an in-depth understanding of brand DNA. Solutions that have the power to change the way people see brands!

Our vision is to create singular expertise in the verticals we represent. This calls for focussed attention towards every unit and a higher understanding of all mediums of branded communication across categories.

Our Companies

Every marketing problem needs a specific solution, which is the reason why each one of our companies has a dimension of its own that focuses on a particular medium.

Our Team

Always high on energy and high on life, whether they are solving business problems or sharing their ‘Gyan’ with each other, or just kicking it off on the football field.

Satish Raju:
The Yes Man

CEO and Founder

The man who never shuns any idea but celebrates it. After being in the business of ideas for the past 20 years and counting, his approach towards advertising solutions and opportunities is truly inspirational.

Peeyush Sinha:
The Wolf From Wall Street

VP Operations

The go to man for all financial and investment advice. Experienced in operating within unique environments that exist in the marketing and advertising industry. Adventure drives across the country are his thing.

Abhishek Jha:
The Marathon Man

VP-Advertising Professional

Whether it’s a marathon or a campaign, he believes in reaching the finish line. A result-oriented strategy specialist with 15 years of exposure in strategy and account management across market categories. His passion for creating communication which has the potential of being owned by brands, reflects in the work we do.

Samit Samant:
The Big Tinker

Account Head

In his attempt to make things better, he’s constantly tinkering with whatever is happening around him. He has been closely associated with advertising & marketing for more than a decade. Strongly believes in working hard, partying harder, thinking smart, acting smarter, and sleeping on weekends, except of course, when there is a challenging opportunity or a deadline to meet, or a ‘Guru Gyan’ session to be delivered.

Mehul Teli:
The Master Of Many Traits

Group Account Manager

An all-rounder with exposure close to a decade, specialising in Media Planning and execution. Sound knowledge of new-age technologies and influencer marketing. A keen problem solver who loves to sing and play guitar in his spare time.

Our Clients

With path-breaking work that ranges across various market categories, every new project we undertake adds to our knowledge base and makes us better at creating unique and more impactful solutions.

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